With Lucid Futures the journey is faster, more rewarding and more assured to succeed.

First things first, growth is difficult. Maybe you're starting from scratch and want new perspectives on how to grow? Maybe you've identified opportunities but lack compelling differentiated propositions? Maybe you've got propositions but lack skills to de-risk successful pilots? Maybe you need a cultural shift to deliver greater inspiration and delivery throughout your business?
Our expertise in creativity, innovation, strategy, operational and commercial disciplines gives you the right balance of inspiration and perspiration to get results. As well as meeting your commercial targets, we leave your organisations re-invigorated, better able to adapt, communicate and refocus on what’s important to sustain growth in your business. Let us guide you. Click on the tabs below.

Where are you on your journey?…

See a need

Meeting needs lies at the heart of all profitability, yet, well known needs are generally well met in highly competitive markets with low margins.

We'll support you in identifying new, lesser known needs in emerging markets and opportunity spaces. We study emerging trends, drivers and discontinuities for your next opportunities. We'll help you look under new stones, exploring existing and new markets for valuable growth options.

Deeper exploration may reveal 'unknown needs', the real 'game changers'.

What are the questions you're trying to answer?

  • Which new themes and markets are worth exploring?
  • What trends and drivers exist? 
  • Which are the most interesting opportunity spaces? 
  • Who are the customers and what are their needs? 
    - unmet needs? unknown needs? value of meeting needs? 
  • How can you validate your hypothesise? 
  • How can you really engage your own stakeholders? 
  • How can you embed an innovation culture?

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Fill a need

OK, so you've understood opportunity spaces, addressable markets and unmet customer needs. What are you going to do about it?

We help you turn ideas into opportunities and opportunities into propositions. Differentiated propositions unlock opportunity spaces. But have you nailed it? Innovation is half science, half art, so we have ways to increase the odds of your success. We support you in developing innovation portfolios that are designed to balance risk, reward, operational delivery and profitability. 

What are the questions you're trying to answer?

  • Which opportunity spaces do you focus on?
  • How do you generate truly new ideas? 
  • How do you identify and build on the strongest ideas? 
  • What is a truly compelling proposition? 
  • Can you enter a market, compete credibly and win? 
  • What are all your possible growth options? 
  • How do you prioritise what to develop further?
  • How do you keep all your stakeholders engaged?

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Prove the case

You've seen the need and you've worked out a compelling proposition, but can you make profits? An idea isn't great until it's commercial. When, if ever, will the proposition break even? We help you build investable business cases; investment cases that you'd put your own money into!

What's your businesses role? Do you need partnerships? How could your role change over time?

What's the business model that turns a good idea into truly sustainable income? Most importantly, what are you actually asking your business for? 

What are the questions you're trying to answer?

  • How do you properly validate new propositions?
  • How do you turn a good proposition into a great one? 
  • Why are business models so vital to real success? 
  • What makes an investable business case? 
  • How do opportunities fit with your existing strategy? 
  • What are the capabilities you need for success? 
  • How do you keep stakeholders engaged and onside?
  • What decisions are you really asking for?

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Mobilise and scale

OK, so the proposition can fly, but how exactly do you take off? How do capabilities come together? How do you design and implement pilots that prove the business can succeed. Which people do you use to increase the odds of your success? How do you maximise the benefit of strategic partnerships? How do you fund a growing business? What measures of success are you looking for? How do you move from from pilots to new core competences? And critically, how do you embed a culture of innovation so that sustaining growth success becomes second nature?

What are the questions you're trying to answer?

  • How do you move from powerpoint to the real world?
  • How do you demonstrate a proposition will work? 
  • How do you develop the capabilities you need? 
  • How do you decide which? partnerships are helpful? 
  • How do you agree the success criteria for pilots? 
  • What does it take to make a pilot work? 
  • How do you take a successful pilot to rollout scale?
  • Are there new insights that unlock further revenues?

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