Ideation and Facilitation

Where do brilliant ideas come from?

Brilliant ideas come from the same place as rubbish ideas. The real skill comes in knowing one from the other. And contrary to popular belief, the best ideas do not come first. Quantity AND quality of ideas are both critical to your success.  The best ideas, like golden nuggets, nestle themselves smack in the middle of worthless grit. No grit, no gold!

Why can’t you create strong ideas alone?

Most people believe they are creative and all they need is a bit of peace and quiet to crack the next big thing. Sometimes this is true, but generally it isn’t! Problems arise when you’ve got to be creative to a deadline or when ‘business as usual’ is crying out for more of your attention. This is when professional creativity comes into its own.

We make a big difference in four ways.  

  1. Highly trained in powerful, creative ideation methodologies
  2. Stretching, breaking and connecting ideas into bigger, better ideas
  3. Experienced in helping you identify the ideas worthy of further development 
  4. Spotting the truly commercial ideas that have addressable markets written all over them

The strongest opportunities don’t generally start strong. That’s the biggest difference we make.

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