What does your future hold?

Sounds so arcane and esoteric doesn’t it? It isn’t. It’s damn hard work! Predicting the future is a road paved with misjudgements and hopelessly bad calls. The vast majority of predictions for the future are wrong. And even those few that call it right once and a while go on to look very foolish.

Futurology is less to do with predicting the future and more to do with understanding powerful trends, drivers and emerging needs. Where trends, drivers and needs overlap, new possibilities arise and opportunity spaces develop.

How can futurology help you?

Lucid Futures will help you understand the major drivers, trends and emerging customer needs that are subtlety shaping your existing and future markets now and increasingly in the future. We familiarise you with market facts, legislation or trends and discontinuities around society, perception or technology.

Lucid Futures will give you facts that you did not realise and possibilities that you do not yet fully understand. The strongest innovation and growth is born in between these hard facts and formless possibilities.

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