"Chris has the unique ability to combine strategic logic with creative magic and get the results you need. He can take you to places you wouldn't have got to on your own and develops ideas that withstand the test of time. He's also a great bloke and brings a good sense of humour as well as a proven track record to the table." 

Creative Director, Agency

"I've worked with Chris on large and small challenges and continue to be impressed by his unique and refreshing balance of creativity and commercial acumen. He's great on big picture possibility, but then goes on to pleasantly surprise with his attention to detail in supporting the implementation of real world solutions that work. 

Chris' approach to innovation is innovative in it's own right and I've always come away with new and insightful perspectives on opportunities and challenges. And whilst Chris' talents are commonly used to help steer the largest corporates, I recognise his inspirational approaches lend themselves to personal development and new leadership skills. 

I can whole-heartedly recommend Chris as someone who goes the extra mile with 'inspiration' and 'perspiration' and always strives to exceed expectations." 

Global Marketing Director, Wellness


"Chris is an inspiring individual who has an uncanny ability to see where a business is now, envision where it could be, and then take them on the journey."

Marketing Manager, FTSE Retail

"Chris has helped us discover new insights and make decisions in many effective and inspirational ways. 
From Big to Small - Chris has facilitated everything from large groups discussing strategic, visionary-style work to more personal and focussed content with individuals. 
From Past to Future - Chris has also helped us look at the journey we're on - exploring our past, understanding our brand's real power and what we excel at. All in all Chris has great creative techniques to bring sessions to life and push debate into newer/deeper areas – and has a knack for encapsulating results in powerful communications which have legacy value within an organisation."

Founder, MD, Leading research House


"I have known and worked with Chris for a number of years now. Chris has a fantastic eye for new opportunities and has an ability to present these in a way that is clear and understandable. Chris is a delight to work with and will create new ideas for your business." 

Operations Director, FTSE Retail

"I was introduced to Chris by word of mouth as someone who would help us to visualise the true potential of our proposition. As an extremely creative facilitator, he gave us clarity in understanding our real strengths and proposition; it is not always obvious what we're really good at, and Chris helped draw this out.

Chris challenged our thinking in an extremely positive way, pushing the boundaries around our vision and helping us focus on a practical way of bringing that vision to life. I would not hesitate in recommending using Chris in the future."

Director in Health Sector

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